Among all digital-first original news channels on YouTube, The Lallantop is the first to achieve the milestone globally.

India’s most popular and No. 1 new-age news brand, The Lallantop, has crossed yet another milestone by reaching a whopping 10-million subscriber base on YouTube. After hitting the million subscriber mark in January 2018, The Lallantop took just 22 months to scale up to 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

Among all digital-first original news channels on YouTube, The Lallantop is the first to achieve this milestone globally (Source: Vidooly Report, Top 10 Digital First Original News channels on YouTube) and has surpassed several legacy global and national news brands in terms of subscriber base such as CNN, ABC News, BBC News, Zee News, NDTV etc.

What distinguishes The Lallantop from other digital news brands is its distinct style of news reporting, storytelling, colloquial language and shows such as Political Kisse, Neta Nagri, Kitab Wala and Padtal, among others. has also launched two popular shows on Tez channel – ‘The Lallantop Show’, aired from Monday to Friday, and ‘The Lallantop Quiz Show’, which is aired on Saturday. For each Lallantop video posted on YouTube, the average views garnered are 2.2 lakh.

The USP of The Lallantop is its connect with users. The art of explaining complex topics in a user-friendly language has made The Lallantop unmatched. In February 2017, The Lallantop undertook a massive ground reporting exercise, during the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Reaching directly to the audience, and reporting LIVE from within the emotionally charged atmosphere struck an instant chord and proved to be a successful experiment. Buoyed by the success, the ground-breaking reporting format followed during the elections in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and 2019 general election fully establishing The Lallantop’s credibility and leadership.


Some of The Lallantop’s shows that are extremely popular are:

1. Political Kisse: An award-winning series that highlights interesting stories from the vaults of history

2. Padtal: Where The Lallantop investigates rumors, fake and misleading news, and fact checks all viral content

3. Kitab Wala: Where The Lallantop chats with authors

4. Sciencekari: Where The Lallantop explains science in a language that anybody can understand

5. Netanagari: Where The Lallantop and Rajdeep Sardesai review the week’s political developments

6. Arthat: From the government’s latest policies to the country’s growth, this show explains everything about the economy

7. Aasaan Bhasha Mein: Whether it is the ABCs of Sensex or the googlies of cricket, this show explains all complex subjects in an easy-to-understand language

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