Bhuvan Bam is a known YouTube personality who makes funny sketch videos predominantly; here are his three best video songs on Youtube

Bhuvan Bam

YouTube sensation, Bhuvan Bam, is unstoppable as he keeps ascending in his path towards success. Bhuvan is extremely talented, and he is known for his selfie video comedy. The YouTube star has left no page unturned. He is amongst those celebrities who inspire people to try out every talent they have and embrace it. 

Bam is not only admired for his acting skills but also his songs. He has recently released his new single Ajnabee. The song is doing wonders on the internet and netizens have loved it so much that the song was Trending #1 for many days. The singer has sung many such wonderful songs and here are three of his best melodies-

Three Most Loved Songs by the YouTube star Bhuvan Bam


Safar┬áis the very first single sung by Bhuvan Bam. This song became the most loved travel song of the time. The music and the lyrics take the heart of the listener. The video song gives inspiration to travel enthusiasts. The positivity of the track is everlasting. This song is Bhuvan’s most loved songs with 14M views and 872K likes.

Image result for safar song by bb


Bhuvan Bam thanks all his loved ones and people close to his heart. The track is filled with many goosebump moments, and it provides the feel of a peaceful song. The soothing music and powerful lyrics make the song heart-pleasing. The song holds 8.8M views and 517K likes.


The song is shot in retro style, making everyone feel the nostalgia of a classic love story. The breakup song is based on two lovers, who meet in their old age and relive their moments in flashbacks from their days of adulthood. Every word from the lyrics of the song is loved and adored by the viewers. The video song has 8.7M views and 894K likes.

Image result for ajnabee song by bb

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