For the ones who don’t know, YouTube star, Bhuvan Bam has a huge crush on Alia Bhatt and wants to meet her someday. If the Highway actress is reading this article, she should at least give him a call, now that he has publicly asked her on a coffee date. Yes, we know Ms Bhatt is in a happy relationship with Ranbir Kapoor but whoever said a coffee date is harmful, right? Bhuvan took to his Twitter account to ask her out on a date and we are yet to hear her answer about it.

YouTube Star Bhuvan Bam asks his 'Crush' Alia Bhatt on a Coffee Date After His New Picture Reminds Netizens of the 'Raazi' Actress

It all started when netizens were quick to spot similarities between Bhuvan’s new picture and Alia herself. They believe the comedian looks a lot like his crush and beard is the only difference between them. While we do agree with their opinion and the similarities are really uncanny, we are having a hearty laugh over how Bhuvan grabbed this opportunity to ask the pretty actress on a date. Guess, the comedian should continue with his efforts and you never know, he may get a ‘yes’ from her side very soon.

Check Out Bhuvan Bam’s Tweet

Netizens Spotting Similarities Between Bam and Bhatt

Well, the comedian has openly spoken about having a crush on the actress and after him taking the plunge and asking her out on a date, it’s Alia’s turn to reciprocate. Even if it means replying him on Twitter. We’ll wait if she decides to

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