TeamIND in PMCO Fall Split 2019 Prelims
TeamIND in PMCO Fall Split 2019 Prelims

The PMCO Fall Split Global Finals Prelims 2019 is over, and MEGA Esports, Bigetron RA, and ORANGE ESPORTS CG qualified for the PMCO Global Finals that will be commencing on 29th November. It was a three-day event where TeamIND, SynerGE, and INS represented India.

TeamIND finished their prelims run on the #8 spot with 169 points and two chicken dinners. They couldn’t qualify for the next round but showcased their skills beautifully, and they played PMSC 2018 as their first tournament. The team grew stronger with every tournament they played and secured some reputed spots in the PUBG Mobile tournaments.

Current Line-Up

Initially, when the team was formed, Kratos, Trance, Diljit, and ScoutOp were a part of it. Later on, ScoutOp joined Team Fnatic before the PMCO Fall Split 2019, and Slayer replaced him in the squad. Here’s the current line-up of TeamIND that also represented India in PMCO Fall Split Global Finals Prelims:

  • Samir Choubey: Commonly known by his in-game name ‘Kratos,’ he is the IGL of the team. He is from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, and he’s the brain of the team and has a huge fan following of around 21.5k followers on Instagram and 9.49k subscribers on YouTube.
  • Kaustubh Walia: Popularly known as ‘Trance,’ he usually takes up the role of assaulter and is from Kota. He has 17.3k followers on Instagram and 38.9k subscribers of YouTube.
  • Daljit Singh: Recognized as ‘Daljitsk,’ he performs the role of a sniper and flanker. He’s from Khanna, Punjab and is considered as one of the best fragger. He has 103k followers on Instagram and 82.4k subscribers on YouTube.
  • Kanishk Shah: His in-game name is ‘Slayer’ and is the support of the team. He is from Kolkata, West Bengal, and joined the team before PMCO Fall Split as a replacement for ScoutOp. He has 19.8k subscribers on YouTube and 104k followers on Instagram.

TeamIND Performance in PMCO Global Finals Prelims 2019

After bagging the 5th spot in PMCO Fall Split South Asia Finals 2019, they represented India in the Global Finals Prelims, where they fought against 15 other teams from different regions.

Day 1

The prelims started on 23rd November, and they had a rough start. In their very first game, they had a face-off with another Indian team, i.e. Insidious and INS knocked out Kratos, and then they got wiped off completely at #11 spot by MEGA Esports. They were successful in improving their situation a bit by achieving 6th spot in the third game but couldn’t maintain it as they fell off to 13th position at the end of Day 1.

Day 2

TeamIND is known to learn from their mistakes, and they did the same and secured #4 position in the first game of Day 2 by wiping out SnynerGE in a tense clash. Although they performed better on Day 2 than on Day 1 still, they couldn’t reach in the top 8 teams until they pocketed a chicken dinner in the last game of Day 2. They eliminated Asterion Myth and Tempo Storm in the final zone of the game and jumped to #5 spot at the end of Day 2.

Day 3

In the first two games of Day 3, which was also the last day of the prelims, TeamIND started with a bang and achieved #5 spot and a chicken dinner and joined MEGA Esports and Bigetron RA in the list of top 3 teams. They had a good lead with which they could’ve qualified for the Global Finals easily, but things went wrong for them as they ended up being at #10 and #9 in the last two games and thus, fell to the 8th spot in the Overall Standings and thus, failed to qualify.

Even though they couldn’t qualify for the Global Finals, they performed fantastic both individually and as a team. They picked up a total of 59 kills in the Prelims and here are the kill stats of the TeamIND players:


  • Kills: 6
  • Damage: 2116
  • Headshots: 2


  • Kills: 15
  • Damage: 3909
  • Headshots: 6


  • Kills: 16
  • Damage: 4110
  • Headshots: 3


  • Kills: 22
  • Damage: 4367
  • Headshots: 9

TeamIND Achievements

TeamIND has taken part in six PUBG Mobile events and impressed everyone with their skills. The latest event they took part in is PMCO Fall Split Global Finals Prelims 2019. Here are the achievements that TeamIND has achieved:

  • 8th in PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split: Prelims
  • 5th in PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split: South Asia
  • 2nd in PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split: South Asia Play-ins
  • 16th in PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split: South Asia Group Stage
  • 23rd in PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split Global Finals
  • 2nd in PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split: India
  • 16th in PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018: Asia

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