With outrage over the barbaric gang rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad reaching a boiling point, YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam has come up with a video “My Duty”, emphasising on what is needed more than just expressing anger. In the five minute video, he spoke about how sex education plays an important role in curbing rapes in the country. “Tell your school/college teachers to include awareness programmes in their curriculum. Sex education should be mandatory,” the video read.

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He also urged people to change their mindset towards girls.

“Agar tum sochte ho ki ladkio ke rape unke der bahar rukne ya sharab peene se ho rhe hai.. toh jo aisi soch rakhta hai woh bhi ek rapist se kam nahin hai,” Bhuvan said in the video.

The video, which released on Thursday, has garnered over 8 Million views on YouTube. Reacting to the video, Twitterati praised Bhuvan for his take on the situation.

One user tweeted: “You never failed to be a good Indian citizen. YouTubers like you are really needed to spread awareness among people. I really loved the video #MyDuty.”

#MyDuty was trending on number 1.

Another one commented: “#Rape is a sensitive topic and this video actually talking about some duties that men have. Why always a girl or a lady suffers from this. We can share the posts continuously until the government takes a frightful action for the rapists.”

At the end of the video, he argued to each and every school and college teachers to educate the kids with the Sex Education and make is MANDATORY.

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Vande Mataram.

Source : https://www.latestly.com

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