PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019 Fall Split just came to an end. The tournament was extremely enthralling and is the biggest PUBG Mobile event to have taken place till date. At the event, was able to get a hold of Entity Gaming, an Indian team that made it to the finals and finished at the fifth position.

To reach the PMCO 2019 Fall Split finals, the team of Abhijeet Andhare (EntityGhatak), Jonathan Amaral (EntityJonathan), Suraj Majumdar (EntityNeyoo), and Aman Jain (EntityAman) won the South Asia finals defeating Team SouL.

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Asked how much the team practices daily, Abhijeet said the team does not practise during events like this. “The real practice takes place when we are at home or in the company bootcamp that happens from two in the evening to around 11 PM in the night in custom streams daily. We look for our mistakes in every game even if we win so that we do not repeat the same mistakes.”

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In the team, the main job of EntityNeyoo, EntityAman and EntityJonathan is to kill other players, whereas, Entity Ghatak’s job is to strategise by analysing rival teams. Ghatak said “the main thing that keeps this team afloat is trust.”

Entity Gaming was able to provide us with a few tips that will help new players get a better hang of the game and have an upper hand over other players. Below are the tips:

1. Watch as many training videos of YouTubers as possible and try to copy their style of playing.

2. After viewing various YouTube tutorials set your game controls to a level at which you are extremely comfortable with.

3. After setting the controls, start practising with them in the training ground to make yourself extremely comfortable. If you don’t like to set your controls manually and just want an easy format for yourself, just copy the layout from a YouTuber who has provided his viewers with his layout in the video description.

4. Train daily for at least an hour, which includes spray practice in the training ground and close encounter practice in TDM.

5. Boost your ranks by playing the classic mode. This will help interact with other players who are better to help you in training.

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