Without representation in the global online gaming community until a couple of years ago, India today is producing the next generation of game creators on YouTube and the momentum is accelerating not only in English and Hindi but also in vernacular languages, said a Company executive on Monday.

Games like PUBG have created a considerable live streaming community in India, which is the third largest gaming market for the Google-owned video-sharing website, which last reported more than 265 million monthly active users on the country.

“India is the top priority gaming market for us in the APAC region. We are excited to see a growing live streaming community on YouTube from here and we will expand all our support to help them gain more ground,” Ines Cha, director of the Creator ecosystem and Gaming Partnerships, APAC, YouTube, told IANS.

“The creators of Indian games waited so long. They were so hungry to show their game skills to the world. Seeing their passion and commitment, we will double our efforts to help them create more useful content in the field of education,” Cha added. .

More than 200 million players visit YouTube every day around the world to watch videos and game streams. In 2018, they saw more than 50 billion hours of game content on the platform.

In India, PUBG Mobile videos are uploaded 15 times more frequently, while “Garena Free Fire” (mobile games) videos are uploaded more frequently in India compared to the rest of the world.

“The content of games in India used to be mainly in Hindi and English. Now we are seeing the increase in the content of games in other Indian languages ​​such as Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu and Malayalam. Non-Hindu creators with less than 5,000 subscribers in 2018 are reaching six-digit subscriber numbers today, “Cha said.

Live streaming continues to be a growth area for creators, with a 10-fold increase in playing time over the past three years.

Among the most watched genres in India are the Battle Royale, Action Adventure and Sandbox games, such as PUBG Mobile, GTA5 and Minecraft.

In Chennai, the most popular game is “Garena Free Fire”, while PUBG Mobile is very popular in Mumbai.

In 2017, there was only one channel in the gaming genre with more than one million subscribers, CarryMinati, which was also a first entertainment channel that commented on the game.

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Over the past two years, there has been a change in game content directed by entertainment to the main games, including live streaming, electronic sports and tutorials in local and regional languages, YouTube says.

The growth of online games in India has exploded in recent years.

Some of the leading creators include Dynamo Gaming with more than 5.61 subscribers, Mortal with more than 3.39 million subscribers and CarryisLive with 2.97 million subscribers.

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To promote content creators in India, YouTube will start its “NextUp for Gamers” initiative in Chennai on November 21.

Launched in India last year, the initiative gives creators the opportunity to be advised by experts in production and development of channels on new production techniques to further improve their content.

“The time has come to see India’s game ecosystem explode and YouTube will ensure that it is there for game enthusiasts. The momentum is across the country and is not limited to just a few cities,” Cha said. .

Source :- https://newsdio.com/youtube-executive-says-indian-game-creators-reach-global-map/3485/

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