Hailing from a humble background, Arun Kushwah is not a famous personality. Chote Miyan, however, is a name that fans go gaga over. The comedy lovers must have seen his show Bade Chote on YouTube. With an estimated income of Rs 4 lakh per month, he recently bagged his first Bollywood film Luka Chuppi.

Not only an actor but he is skilled in writing and video editing too. Today we take a deeper look at the struggle and success of this YouTube star.

Presently residing in Navi Mumbai, he lives in a spacious house that is surrounded by greenery. Recently, he was engaged in an interview where he shared snippets from his life. So, wondering what all he shared? Here are some of the interesting questions.

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Q1. Tell us something about yourself?

Ans 1: I am from Gwalior. After finishing my schooling, I went to JNU in Delhi and finished my three years course in the Russian language.

Q2. Were you afraid while coming to Delhi?

Ans: It was mostly excitement. However, when my dad was leaving after I settled in my dorm room in JNU, I felt a wave of anticipation and a little bit of fear.

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Q3. Attitude matters in life?

Ans: I am thankful to God he gave me a positive attitude with the personality I possess.

Q4. I have heard you have done a job too?

Ans: Yes, I worked in Wipro for almost 2 years. However, before that, I tried giving bank examination and I failed miserably.

Q5. Why the name Chote Miyan?

Ans: When I started my Facebook page, I wanted a name that suits my personality. First I went with ‘Chote Recharge’ but it hardly seemed like the name of a person. Hence, I change it to Chote Miyan.

Not just the trivial questions but he shared about his struggles with depression too. The YouTube star accepts it’s far better to speak with someone about your depression rather than keeping it inside. Thankfully, over time, he broke free from the clasp of depression. Coming back to a lighter discussion, he also shared info about his love life. The interview asked:

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Q7. I have heard you are a romantic person?

Ans: Yes, I got into a relationship during my college and we are still together.

Q8. Your own channel or TSP?

Ans: Do you want me to get fired? Ok, own channel (laughing)

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Craving for more? The interview was conducted by Digital Companion and you can check out the full interview below:

Isn’t he simply great? There is no doubt that his spirit is inspiring too! So, which one among his videos you love the most? Do share with us in the comments below.

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