A 5-episode coming-of-age story about the many first adventures in a young man’s life. Dhruv is 16, and in a hurry to grow up. With a little help from his school friends, the wannabe bad-boy Kabir, and the color-blind but doesn’t know it Susu, Dhruv sets out to woo the first crush of his life, the feisty, out-of-his-league class topper, Chhavi. Venturing out of their childhood, in their last years of school, the trio find their first drink, pick their first fight and mend their first broken heart.

ImMature is an Indian web series streaming on MX player since 20 February 2019.

It stars Omkar Kulkarni as Dhruv Sharma. The series revolves around the story of a young boy Dhruv, who wants to grow up as soon as he can. Dhruv, with the help of his friends Kabir and Susu, played by Chinmay Chandraunshuh and Visshesh Tiwari, tries to woo his first crush Chhavi (Rashmi Agdekar), who is a class topper.

ImMature the perfect series for every teenager 1

Do you miss your school days?
This is the best series to brush up all the old memories, especially with your buddies, with whom you shared your whole school life, from sharing books and pencils to eating in the same tiffin and bunking lectures.

ImMature is the series that will bring back your college days and teenage memories. It is also the perfect series for every teenager to watch, as it highlights the decision-making mistakes made by youths that turn out to change the lives.

ImMature the perfect series for every teenager 2

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