Indian people love songs from the Bollywood industry and even from Hollywood, and one farmer from Karnataka loves Justin Bieber so much that he has joined the “Bieber Fever”.

Baby, a song by Justin Bieber, was released in 2009, and even 10 years after it was released, people and fans all over the world listen to the song like it was released yesterday.

The song, Baby, has over 2.1 Billion views on YouTube.

No wonder why people love Justin so much.

A decade after the song was released, a Karnataka farmer was caught on cam singing the track, and it has won the hearts of thousands of people on social media.

Watch the video below:

Shared on YouTube, the clip, which is 3 minutes and 10 seconds long, the man can be seen working on a farm when a man approaches him.

After a short conversation, the man plays Baby on his phone, and the Karnataka Farmer singing Baby starts being a fan.

The video on YouTube has a caption of “Listen to this Karnataka farmer singing a Justin Bieber song, you will be blown.”

The video has over 78,000 views, 399 likes, and over 31 comments.

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