Amit Bhadana is reportedly India’s highest Independent YouTuber with 16.6 million subscribers. Read on to know more about his net worth and lifestyle.

Amit Bhadana is a YouTuber with an army of 16.6 million subscribers on his channel, ‘Amit Bhadana’.The Indian YouTube comedian makes humorous vines and parodies. Amit was also tagged as India’s funniest YouTuber after his channel crossed BB Ki Vines’s subscriber numbers. The YouTube star made his successful career through his humorous talent. However, he failed to identify this talent at an earlier stage in life, today he is overwhelmed by the response.

Amit came to limelight when he commented and made a reply video on Hello song of Adele. Another viral video of him was a dub of Eminem, which reached millions of views and likes. Amit Bhandana’s videos are often seen in the trending section of YouTube. The 25-year-old acquired almost 6.6 million subscribers within a year, which is his most significant achievement. Amit is India’s number one Independent YouTuber who reportedly has the highest subscribers.

Amit Bhadana’s journey

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Amit was born in Delhi in the year 1994. Being a law graduate by profession, his idea of starting a YouTube channel reportedly had a funny story behind it. Initially, Amit made a Dubsmash video of his friend, which went viral all over the social media. This boosted his confidence and he decided to start a YouTube channel making vine and parodies. He started the channel in 2012 and it took seven years for him to make it India’s topmost subscribed channel. Amit’s friend circle played a very huge role in Amit’s success, as he talks about it at every event he attends. In the beginning, Amit did not reveal his face in the videos but reportedly, it was after his friends motivated him to create original content when he felt a sense of confidence. 

Net Worth: 

The YouTuber is not only earning subscribers but also millions of dollars every year. As per a report by Biowikis in 2018, Amit Bhadana’s YouTube earrings are around $188 thousand to $3.8 million estimated annual earnings and his net worth is approximately two million dollars. Amit Bhadana is setting high goals and it does not look like he is going to stop. He also has a music video out, based on his life, named Parichay.

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