Food Vloggers of India have caught the attention of the viewers with easy preparation techniques and unique recipes. Here are the top four food vloggers.

AYU OFFICIAL (Indian Youtube Community) :- In 2008, YouTube made its debut in the Indian markets with several partners. According to a report, some of the early day partners of YouTube were Bennet Coleman & Co, UTV and Rajashri Group. On January 8, 11 years later, YouTube has turned out to be one of the most popular online portal, where numerous videos are posted every second.

These include popular food vloggers, fashion vloggers and experts and enthusiasts from several different fields. 

Food Vloggers in India 

The video sharing portal has undoubtedly gained momentum in the following years, from no takers to millions of subscribers, and had an envious journey in India. YouTube, that reportedly provides a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity has numerous food vloggers, who are catching the attention of the audiences.

Here is a list of Food Vloggers in India, that have managed to carve a niche among the audiences. 

Top 4 Food vloggers of India 

Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is a popular name in the food industry. He started his YouTube channel, Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana, a few years ago.

A well-known chef, Sanjeev’s youtube channel has about 4.8 million subscribers on the streaming channel. He posts easy and quick recipes of popular Indian dishes on his channel. 

Kabita’s Kitchen 

A popular food vlogger among housewives, Kabita’s Kitchen is a channel started by Kabita Singh. She reportedly posts videos of all dishes that are easy to recreate with ease, mainly focussing on Indian Cuisine. The popular Indian YouTuber has about 6 million followers on her channel. 

Vanchef- VahRehVah 

Started a few years ago by Indian chef Sanjay Thumma, the channel is reportedly very popular in Europe, Australia and North America. A popular Food Vlogger, Sanjay’s channel has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Reportedly, Sanjay Thumma is the founder of the cooking website 

Nisha Madhulikar

Nisha Madhulikar who is one of the most popular Indian chef and a popular YouTube personality. She is a restaurant consultant and also has written columns in popular news publishers. Her YouTube channel has more than 8 million subscribers. 

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