Each and every time, our favorite comedian cum Youtuber, Harsh Beniwal tries to bring out smile on our face and refresh our memories back to life.

Let it be any of his videos “School Diaries”, “School PTM” or “Life With Siblings”, in each video, Harsh tries to bring out the life and experience his audience the real feel and get those goosebumps for sure.

Most of his videos are more than 10 min, but his audience enjoy it and don’t get bored even for a single second.

If you haven’t seen “School Diaries”, check out below video!!!

“School Diaries” which is his first video related to School Life, was uploaded on 12th Nov 2018. This video is made up of all the perfect incident happened in everyone’s life in our school days. From bunking classes to our FIRST LOVE, from school fights to Farewell, this video has made us to realize that “School life is the best life” to enjoy and find out our real friends.

I hope, everyone had got tears in their eyes while watching the end scene of this video.

Today, speaking on instagram, Harsh Beniwal gave us an update that he has been working on “School Diaries – Part 2”.

Hopefully, by end of Jan 2020, we can see his First Video of 2020 soon.

Are You Excited???? Comment Below….

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