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AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Ashish Chanchlani has been absolutely immense on his stint as a Youtuber and a social media influencer, but, this new dubbing video has redefined him.

Ashish Chanchlani is a sensational figure in the realm of social media. He is immensely influential amongst the youth. He’s revered by all. And, loved by all. His fans run deep. They would follow him till the ends of the earth. But, he had to take a lot of effort to reach these blinding heights. Part of it is his personality, part of it is his intelligence of tapping into the right psyche of the audiences to make them see his talents. But, a major part of it is his unrelenting hilarity.

It oozes out of everything that he does. Every performance that he gives, every piece of writing that he produces. That talent has not gone anywhere and we as an audience are certainly grateful. And, he brings us this exact hilarity that he promises in his new dubbing video that he has shared on social media platforms. It is absolutely incredible. And, oh so funny. We honestly have no idea how he does it. But, we’re glad that he knows.

So, go and check out this laughable and hilarious work of art on social media as soon as possible. And, stay tuned for more such fun updates on your favourite celebs.


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