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AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Famous YouTuber CarryMinati has challenged former professional PUBG player and streamer Mortal to a 1v1 duel. Carry uploaded the video challenging Mortal, where the 20-year-old dramatically challenged Mortal to face him in a PUBG Mobile match.

The challenge video contains Minati emphasizing that it humiliated him when Mortal played much better than him in their previous meet up in PUBG Mobile. He also mentioned that people called him “Noob” for not being able to play well against Mortal in-game.

Carry also stressed that he will play PUBG on a mobile device this time, with rules and server according to Mortal’s preferences to ensure that people don’t complain. CarryMinati has set the challenge date for 16 March, 2020, in the video.

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Mortal saw the challenge video yesterday during his PUBG Mobile live stream and has informed the enthusiastic audience to wait for his reply in a day’s time. Mortal seemed excited about the challenge.

Both Mortal and Carry are popular YouTubers who have achieved immense success in a short amount of time. Even though this challenge is about who the better player is, it is also entertain the audience of both streamers.

There is absolutely no hate between the two YouTubers. Fans seem to be excited to watch the challenge between CarryMinati and Mortal and hope that Mortal accepts the face off.


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