“Daring is being yourself in front of everyone” Ritu Rathee Taneja, pilot and YouTuber : Women Who Dare | Women's Day Special Article | All Youtube Update

A pilot and YouTuber, she has channelled her profession to build a compelling travel vlog.

Back in grade 4, there was a boy “Gaurav”. He used to touch my legs inappropriately. The incident continued for some days. He used to follow me. I couldn’t understand who to talk to, how to say what was happening. One day, I gathered all my courage and slapped him. The next day, I was really scared to go to school, but I was surprised to see him hiding from me. He was afraid to face me. That day, I realised that we should not let go of things which are not right. We should stand and fight it, and once you do that the fear in you, just goes away. I am a better driver than my husband, but many people still think women can’t drive. Being a pilot, I have heard a lot of people remarking: “Women can’t even drive a car properly, how can they fly a plane?” Stereotypes such as these are what we need to break.

My role models: Kangana Ranaut and my mother.

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