AYU Official : Ashish Chanchlani is one of the youtube who knows the better way to deal with the haters and trollers. Recently, KRK trolls Ashish Chanchlani in one of his video saying “Why Ashish Chanchlani has so much fan followers dispite of that worst content”.

In reply to his, Even Ashish Chanchlani had shared a meme video which he had made it long back in 2017.

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Yesterday, Ashish Chanchlani shared some meme which was prepared by himself, discussion about the corona virus and mask, Titled “SOME RADNDOM PEOPLE AND THEIR MASKS”

And Many more. But When it came to KRK, this is the meme below.

have a look at it:

Here, Ashish Chanchlani is comparing KRK directly to Tatti.

Can we expect KRK to reply to this meme????

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