AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : India has seen a growth of popular creators on YouTube for the past three-four years. It’s fantastic to see Indian creators reaching the heights of popularity. Vines in India were made more famous by two huge names in the YouTube community: Ashish Chanchlani and Bhuvan Bam. Both have introduced a new style of vines in India. Both are equally talented and have a big fan following.

If we talk about Ashish Chanchlani, his slapstick comedy and the variety of characters he does is genuinely not a child’s play. His versatile personality and dynamic role-play different characters, and relatable videos have made him a fan favourite. He is known to have a down to earth personality and a sarcastic sense of humour. It is undoubtedly to his credit and his sheer hardwork and determination that he has reached the top of the ladder. He has also interviewed big Hollywood celebrities and met with several amazing personalities. He’s genuinely doing wonders!

If we talk about Bhuvan Bam, he is one of the most loved and respected YouTubers of India. Not only because his videos are amazing but also because he was the one who actually introduced YouTube to the Indian audience. Before him, there were very few popular YouTube creators in India. He paved the way for future creators. Coming to his talent, he’s gifted with many. His vines are most popularly known as BB Ki vines and are known for being relatable and funny. He has also created several characters that look funny, but we do see the hardwork that goes behind it. Not only this, but he’s also a great singer and has released his songs on YouTube, which have been a significant hit. His gradual rise to fame is truly a sight to behold. He’s come a long way!

Can we decide who’s better? Not in a million years. Both have come to this stage with their hardwork, integrity and the ability to never back down without a fight. There belief in themselves, as well as their love for their passion, has given them this stage. It’ll be a disrespect to choose who’s better as both of them are the best!

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