Youtuber gifts parents a MG Hector from YouTube earnings || Indian Youtube Community – AYU Official

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Buying a car in India is definitely a big step for many, especially if it is the first car. Even more than that, gifting a car to someone special hold much more value and makes you feel much greater. Here is a video that shows a YouTuber giving an MG Hector as a gift to his parents.

The video is from Beard Bikerr, who shows the whole buying process and also gives a detailed review of the MG Hector. He said in the video that the car is for his parents and he is giving the vehicle to the parents as a gift. The biker says that he has paid the downpayment of the car from the money that he has earned from YouTube. He explains that he also earns from various brands on YouTube and that’s how he paid the downpayment.


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