AYU Official : Day By Day, online fraud cases have being increased and many people are also getting trapped into it.

According to the sources, big celebrities are targeted for this fraud cases. These fraudster use these celebrities name and get the money from their fans.

Same thing happened with one of the fan of Mumbiker Nikhil (Moto-Vlogger of India). One of the fan of Nikhil got the below email. The fraudster introduce himself as Mumbiker Nikhil and ask him to transfer the money to his account.

Mumbiker Nikhil being so big name in the vlogging youtube industry in india and asking Rs. 5000 for the money, made his fan a bit of confuse.

Suddenly, his fan made this point directly to Nikhil over instagram for the conformation.

Making it clear to everyone, Mumbiker Nikhil posted this on his instagram and said not to get entertained with any of these fraud cases.

Please be aware with any of this activities.

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