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Mumbiker nikhil corona virus - Does mumbiker nikhil get affected by coronavirus??

I, been a huge big fan of Mumbiker Nikhil, watch his each and every videos everyday. Recently, he had been to an international trip in 1st week of March.

So Mumbiker Nikhil is Effected By Corona???

Corona Virus has been spreading very rapidly in foreign countries specially in Italy, London and many others. Even now it has entered India a long back in the month of january (as per the source).

But at that time it wasn’t spread that much in the world as well as in India.

Recently, couple of weeks passed, Corona has been very serious in India. and in the mean time, Nikhil was in London on 6th March 2020.

And when he went to London when he was traveling the news come out that no visa was applicable till April.

So technically the government ordered a rule to stop coronavirus that no one from India can go to other foreign countries and no one can come from foreign countries.

When I listen to this news one thing that strikes my mind is that mumbiker nikhil is in London how he will come back to India?

But by god grace, he went back to India.

The story doesn’t end here why because all those people who are coming back from foreign countries maximum people were affected by a coronavirus.

So he went through all the checkups in the airport and he gets negative results from the virus.

Even, Nikhil took to instagram to clear this doubt.

But as a responsible person, mumbiker nikhil knows that he had to maintain some distance from other people and that’s why he didn’t go to her mom’s house.

And he was self-isolating himself for 14 days and taking a break.

The conclusion here is that mumbiker nikhil isn’t affected by coronavirus but he was in self-isolation.

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