AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) :- Amit Bhadana is one of the most successful YouTuber, no doubt highly overrated as well.

Here is few reasons his channel is getting huge views.

  • The first reason is most obvious one, he has more than 18 million subscribers.
  • His videos goes in YouTube Trending (Homepage) so many people who haven’t subscribed his channel watch there.
  • There is a lot of channels that provide you non-veg (abusive) comedy like BB Ki Vines, Ashish Chanchlani Vines, TVF, AIB but there is very less channel that will provide you fresh and healthy comedy for all types of audience, Amit is one of them.
Amit Bahadana Bus Driver Ban Gaya - YouTube
  • Huge population of India live in village, after coming jio most of the people are using internet there and on YouTube they don’t have many options. Village society is very different than Cities, Most of them don’t understand BB Ki Vines, Stand Up Comedy, TVF etc. So they watch Amit Bhadana which is easy to understand.
  • YOUTUBE Algorithm Plays A Major Role In Making His Videos Viral, Due To Reach Of Jio In Every Corner And Increasing Number Of Youtube Users In Rural Areas.
  • You will find many beautiful girls in his videos (thumbnail), many people just watch just because of them.
Amit Bhadana Latest Videos, Movies | Top 10 Best Comedy Videos in 2019
  • He insults girls, show himself as villager such small thing impact big so people relate with it and find funny at same time.
  • He has good engagement on facebook page.
  • Amit Bhadana’s Catchy One Liners Creates An Impact On The Mass Audiences.
आपको अमित भड़ाना कैसे वाइनर लगते हैं ...
  • Last But Not The Least His Team.
School Ke Wo Din – Amit Bhadana – Whizz Share

Some other points which make his video to gain so many views :

  • He is smart in choosing good topic for videos.
  • Haryana people support is an extra edge.
  • Lack of good channel in India
  • He uses catchy and funny dialogue/rhyme. (BTW, I don’t like)
  • Video and Sound quality is very good.
  • He has very good team.
  • Riya Mavi
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