AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : The ‘Youtube VS TikTok’ war seems to be never-ending as the stars of both the platforms are at loggerheads. Time and again, it’s being said that TikTok is taking away the charm of YouTubers. Now, this controversy has escalated to another level after Carry Minati shared a video wherein he was roasting TikTokers for the quality of their videos which was later deleted.

Youtube vs Tiktok - Tiktok rating down
Youtube vs Tiktok – Tiktok rating down

His fans started to trend #BanTikTok and that surely has affected the ratings of the platform as fans are now starring the screenshots wherein it shows the ratings were earlier 4.6 and now, it’s 3.8.

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Well, this is a huge drop for the platform. The war doesn’t seem to end anytime soon as people on Twitter are backing YouTubers more than TikTokers and have started to trend the hashtag #RoastNahiFryKarunga after the ratings miraculously dropped. People have flooded Twitter with memes on this entire fiasco.

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Well, Carry Minati has also finally broken his silence on the controversy over the deletion of his viral YouTube vs TikTok video. He released a statement on Instagram on Saturday. check out below :

What’s your take on the entire fiasco?

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