AYU Official : Rapper-lyricist Arivu and YouTuber Madan Gowri’s new collaboration is a viral song that talks about technological addiction and how it has perhaps blinded people to systemic injustices like casteism.

Rapper-lyricist Arivu and YouTuber Madan Gowri
Rapper-lyricist Arivu and YouTuber Madan Gowri

Using their platform

One of South India’s biggest YouTube content creators, Gowri’s subscriber base has grown to 3.41 million since he started in 2016. This has catapulted ‘Monkeys with 5G’ to over six lakh views from the time it was uploaded on May 11. It is the first song released on the channel and it finds a place amongst his regular programming, which dissects current affairs as well as health, philosophy and business.

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Arivu, for his part, has quickly grown into one of the country’s finest Tamil rappers creating socially charged material (on his debut album Therukural with producer OfRO) as well as being called on for film work (Natpe Thunai). The two connected after Gowri reached out to Arivu to congratulate him on the latter’s release of the song ‘Kallamouni’ last year.


The video which is India’s first-ever Animoji video, is shot completely on an Iphone and shows Madan and Arivu in their animated forms. The song in a fun manner highlights the message that while humans have managed to evolve so much since the big-bang, today we are “Monkeys with 5G and IG” but still continue to delve into castism and discrimination. The video has clocked in half a million views in just 2 days.

With this song, Madan and Arivu also hope to urge people to come forward and take a stand against any social discrimination happening around them.

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