AYU Official : On going controversy between Tiktok vs Youtube has caused a lot of profit and loss for many of the content creators. On one side, many of the youtubers have seen a rapid growth in their channel for their “Tiktok vs Youtube” videos and on the other side few of the Tiktokers lost their complete account. One of them is Amir Siddiqui.

Amir Siddiqui Tiktok Account Ban
Amir Siddiqui Tiktok Account Ban

It all begin with Elvish Yadav, who uploaded a Roast video against Tiktoker. One of them got offended from that roast and took this to social media platform and expressed their feeling. Seeing this opportunity, Amir Siddiqui came froward to take up a stand with the Tiktoker support and against the Youtubers.

Amir made a IGTV video, in video in which he targeted whole youtuber, due to which everyone made up their views and expressed in their videos.

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The main twist came when Carryminati’s video was uploaded. Carry roasted Amir completely and that video had broken many of the record world wide. But after few days, that video was taken down by youtube for some violation rules.

This created a war between the Tiktoker and Youtubers. Many of them reported Tiktok app on the playstore and eventually the rating of Tiktok was low as 1.3 a couple of days ago.

Considering all this scenario, Amir was hated by both the community Tiktok as well as youtube.

But, today Amir Tiktok account got suspended and banned. Check out below :

Amir Siddiqui Tiktok Account Banned
Amir Siddiqui Tiktok Account Banned

Amir account is banned as of now, but his videos are still available and you can watch it.

Reason for the Ban :

The main question in everyone’s mind is ‘Why Amir Siddiqui Account got Banned?’ But still we haven’t found out the actual reason for terminating Amir account. Might be because of the pressure between the Tiktok vs Youtube, due to which the fame of Tiktok is going down, as India is the biggest market for Tiktok.

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