AYU Official : CarryMinati has done it again. His last roast video “YouTube vs TikTok: The End” had become the most liked video in India with 10+ Million likes and 71+ Million views before it gets taken down by YouTube for violating YouTube Terms and Policy under “Cyber Bullying and Harassment Policy”. Now his latest video  “STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS | YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK: THE END” has once again surpassed 6.7 Million likes of B Praak’s song Filhaal featuring Akshay Kumar in just 2 days. This video has got 52 million views, 7.8 Million likes and 858k comments and still counting.

CarryMinati now holds the record for the most subscribers gained in 30 days surpassing PewDiepie’s 6.6 Million subscribers. He has now gained 7.6 Million subscribers in the last 30 days. Last 30 days subscribers stats are expected to grow more as CarryMinati’s roast video “YouTube vs TikTok: The End” was uploaded on 8th May 2020. Before the 8th of  May, his subscriber’s rate was not increasing that much. 

Daily Average Subscribers rate is increasing continuously for CarryMinati. Currently, its daily average of Subscribers is 263k. Seeing the subscribers trend it is expected it may gain 9.5 Million Subscribers more at the end of this month. If CarryMinati uploads another video in this month than it may become the fastest YouTube Channel to gain10 Million Subscribers in a month and also the only YouTube channel to get 10 Million Subscribers in a month.

CarryMinati has already broken so many records till now. To know more read my previous article  here:

When will CarryMinati cross 20 Million subscribers? 

A few days back, #20MforCarry was trending on Twitter. Many Hashtags like #justiceforcarry, #CarryMinati, #bantiktok etc. were clearly showing, how heartbroken his fans were after CarryMinati’s roast video “YouTube vs TikTok: The End” was taken down from YouTube. To bring his smile back and to listen one more time “To Kaise Hai Aaplog” his fans are showing huge love and support.

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Lots of people are eagerly waiting to see his channel cross 20 Million Subscribers. At the time of writing, his channel has 18.7 Million Subscribers. CarryMinati has now become the 2nd Most Subscribed YouTuber in India after surpassing 18.3 Million Subscribers of Ashish Chanchlani Vines. He is now 1 Million Subscribers behind of Amit Bhadana’s YouTube Channel. Amit Bhadana has 19.7 Million Subscribers at the time of writing.

According to SocialBlade’s statistics, CarryMinati may reach the 20 Million Subscribers Milestone on 14th of July 2020 (53 days more from today i.e. 22th May 2020). It may take less number of days if he uploads more videos in these two months. Also, it may take more than 53 days if videos are less uploaded by CarryMinati.

Who will be the first Indian YouTuber to reach 20 Million subscribers Milestone?

In the race for 20 million subscribers, there is neck to neck battle between two Indian YouTubers CarryMinati and Amit Bhadana. CarryMinati who had less than 12 Milion Subscribers last month, has broken every stats in this month in terms of views, subscribers, likes comments etc. CarryMinati has gained record-breaking 7.9 Million subscribers in a span of 30 days, which helped him to surpass popular Indian YouTubers Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchalani in terms of subscribers.

CarryMinati vs Amit Bhadana: Race for 20 Millon Subscribers
carryminati vs amit bhadana

Currently, CarryMinati has 18.7 Million Subscribers while Amit Bhadana has 19.7 Million Subscribers, at the time of writing. According to SocialBlade’s statistics, CarryMinati is gaining average 263k subscribers per day, while Amit Bhadana is only getting 20k. This huge difference in subscribers rate can turn in favour of CarryMinati. 

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SocialBlade’s statistics predict that it may take 53 days for CarryMinati while 25 days for Amit Bhadana to reach 20 Million Subscribers Milestone. The only thing which is not in favour of Amit Bhadana despite having 19.7 Million Subscribers is its slow steady growth rate of subscribers.

 In the last 30 days, Amit Bhadana has only managed to gain 600k subscribers in comparison of 7.9 Million Subscribers by CarryMinati. That means what Amit Bhadana has gained in the last 30 days, CarryMinati is gaining it in less than 3 days. And this is where the race for 20 Million Subscribers gets interesting.However, seeing the trend, the title for “Most Subscribed Indian Youtuber” may go to CarryMinati.

How many subscribers did CarryMinati YouTube Channel gain in last week? 

After the upload of CarryMinati’s latest video “STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS | YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK: THE END” CarryMinati’s daily average of subscribers has increased up to 263k. According to statistics of SocialBlade CarryMinati YouTube Channel has gained 1.84 Million Subscribers last week.

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