AYU Official : Amit Bhadana, the star who is the most in-demand and followed individual creator of India, has become one of the biggest YouTubers in India. The YouTube star has completed 20 million followers. His vines and stories are famous because he always appreciates desi culture. His videos show his hilarious take on relationships. Most of the characters are interestingly based around his friends and relatives. He also received the Dada Saheb Phalke award for the best YouTube Creator of India. Though he’s achieved so much at such a young age, he yet has a lot of dreams which are yet to be completed.

Amit Bhadana - 20 Million
Amit Bhadana – 20 Million

Amit is also extremely popular for his work on YouTube and has it in him to ride higher in the path of success. He has won several accolades and appreciation for his fun and hilarious videos. Every time Amit creates a milestone in India’s Digital space including all social and digital media platforms.

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He went live recently and thanked his fans for all the support and love as he completed 20 million subscribers on YouTube. He also wished his fans, Eid Mubarak. Check his video here!!

Why most of the big creators didn’t wished Amit Bhadana on 20M ?

Recently, Amit completed 20 million milestone on youtube which is one of the biggest achienvement and he becomes the first individual creator in India to cross it.

But we didn’t see most the big creator and youtubers wishing Amit Bhadana on this. Is there any issue inbetween these youtubers? Why big youtuber didn’t post anything about Amit Success on their Social-Media Platform?? A lot of question arises in our mind.

Is it that Amit Bhadana is treated as ‘Odd Man Out’ in Youtube India Community.

Even, we can see that in most of the youtube events, Amit Bhadana is skipped out. Or is it that Amit Bhadana doesn’t wants to get mixed up with these things and he wants to stay away from it.

Recently, Carryminati had a video call chat with all the youtubers, on his success of his latest video “Tiktok vs Youtube -The End”. Here, we can see that, Carryminati had a separate video chat with Amit Bhadana where as in another call he has Ashish, Bhuvan and Harsh with him.

Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchlani applaud Carry Minati

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