AYU Official : The most awaited song of Youtube sensation Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati ‘Yalgaar’ is finally out now & is all set to break all the records. Now, after lots of reactions on social media, CarryMinati is back with a treat for his fans.  

Carryminati 'Yalgaar'
Carryminati ‘Yalgaar’

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Youtuber React on Carryminati’s ‘Yalgaar’ :

Raftaar took on instagram post of Carryminati to reply and wrote one of his line from the song “Mantoiyat” where Raftaar means to ask that why abusing in English looks cool and vulgar in Hindi.

Round2Hell reply to Carry’s ‘Yalgaar’

BeYouNick posted the below comment :

Even, Carryminati and Yalgaar both were trending on Twitter!!!

Few of them reacted by sharing Carryminati’s ‘Yalgaar’ on their IG story :

Carry has been getting a lot of support from all his fans. Twitter is filled with #Yalgaar posts and fans are going crazy:

A user wrote, “Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This line is the heart of the roast!!!!Forget roast!It should be called deep fry instead!!!!FireAlso the best part was”PEET PEECHE MARA HAI INHONE KHANJAR…INSE HUM SAB LADENGE AB MILKAR…INKI ZINDAGI AB BANEGI BANJAR”Smiling face with hornsFireFire.”

Another wrote, “This song is dedicated to all Carry Haters . Kah ke li carrry ne  is baar.”

Checkout some viral tweets—

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No Abuse, No Troll But Every Scene Of #Yalgaar Is Roasting in an EPIC WAY. This Video Is Sure Shot Going To BREAK BIG Records Of YouTube History. Yalgaar is going viral on Internet.

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