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AYU Official : YouTuber Harsh Beniwal recently uploaded the video ‘A Day With Cringe TikToker’ which garnered over 21 million views and over 3 million likes on YouTube. Harsh Beniwal has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube and often posts comedy skits surrounding topical subjects.

harsh beniwal weight lost
Harsh Beniwal – Before and After

It is revealed that the YouTube star and actor Harsh Beniwal has been keeping himself busy working out and following a strict fitness regimen which has allowed him to lose 11 kgs in a matter of days. 

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Harsh owes much of this transformation to his dietitian Suman Pahuja who advised him on the importance of a correct and balanced diet along with a good workout regime, in order to achieve his body goals. 

Harsh Beniwal sheds 11 kgs

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Commenting on the same, Harsh says,

“I was thinking of shedding those extra kilos since a long time, but as one says when the time is right everything falls into place properly. I would like to thank my dietician Suman Pahuja who helped me and gave me proper guidance in losing weight and now since the results are so visible, it just motivates you to work harder.” 

Previously, Harsh Beniwal had revealed that he gained all the weight for the ALTBalaji and Zee5 series Who’s Your Daddy? The YouTuber-actor had revealed while speaking to a leading news portal that it does look easy to gain weight, but it is actually really difficult. Harsh Beniwal had revealed that he ate only junk food and sweets during the weight gaining period. After one point, the actor started to find eating junk food all the time boring as he also had to eat it in great quantities. 

During the interview for his series Who’s Your Daddy? Harsh Beniwal had expressed that he chose to gain weight for the series in order to entertain his fans and audience members as it has always been his top priority. He dedicated his efforts to the show for his fans. Now, that Harsh Beniwal has lost all the weight, it is unlikely that he will gain it all back again for season 2 of Who’s Your Daddy?

Harsh Beniwal’s previous video ‘A Day with Cringe TikToker’ has crossed over 21 Million views and has also recently crossed 9 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

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