Harsh Beniwal 2.0 - Make some noise for 'Shonty and Poplu' | All Youtube Update

AYU Official : Harsh always inspired himself to delve into some unique profession. Initially, he met with many challenges but eventually he established himself as a successful actor and entertainer. And guess what, he is now one of the most popular viners in India. In addition, his positive approach towards life has helped him rising quickly with success.

harsh beniwal 2.0 - Shonty and Poplu
Harsh Beniwal – New Channel

YouTuber Harsh Beniwal recently started a new series along with Purav Jha, titled Shonty and Poplu, where the duo applies the child snapchat filter to create hilarious videos. Now, Harsh decided to start another YouTube channel by the name Harsh Beniwal 2.0.

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Commenting on the same, Harsh says “I was getting requests from followers to release new content on Shonty and Poplu that can stay forever to view them repeatedly, but in case of social media platforms, it isn’t possible. That’s the reason I decided to come out with a new channel Harsh Beniwal 2.0. ”

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