AYU Official : Since a month, the war between Tiktok vs Youtube is going on and now it has almost come to end. But in the mean time, everyone was expecting a video from Round2Hell, but it got delayed to delivery due to some internal issue.

round2hell video deleted explained
Round2Hell Video Deleted

Finally, Round2Hell uploaded a video titled “The Virus”, which was a video completely dedicated to Tiktok and was targeted Amir Siddiqui. This video showed up very good response and was one of the most popular video within a hour to reach out to 2 million views and more than 1 Million Likes.

But after sometime, this video was not available on their channel. When we checked on the link on their Instagram Bio, it took us to the Private Image.

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This says that the video has been made private and not deleted. The reason why it is made private is not known and even none of their team member has disclosed the reason behind this.

Due to highly targeting and deflaming to Tiktok platform, their may modifying their video by trimming some scenes dialogues or anything else. But they have not disclosed any reason about this till now. 

For more information on this topic please stay tuned and watch the video above for more information. Thanks!

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