AYU Official : Carryminati is one of global sensation from India. Being a roaster and a gamer, Carryminati has a huge fan followers. Recently, with his latest controversy vidoe “Tiktok vs Youtube” has made him a national star.

His Youtube channel has become a rage in the digital community and his song Yalgaar is nothing sort of a revelation of talent and its impact.

Nowadays, we can see a lot of fake channels going across youtube and many other social media platform, where a lot of things gets misuesd by their name.

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Same thing has been happening with Carryminati. A few of this fake channel on his names are making rounds on Youtube. These channels has a good subscribers base and uploads edited video of Carryminati.

These channel take promotion money in the name of Carryminati, where Carryminati name is getting defamed.

Taking this point seriously, Carryminati took to his IG story yesterday and told his fans and followers to beware about the fake channels.

He has also took that all his social media accounts has verified Blue Tick infront of the user name. And also insisted them to follow only the official account.

Well, no matter what, there can be only one CarryMinati.

Check video below:

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