Carry VS Eminem : CarryMinati, the Youtuber has now become a trend among the youth of India and has certainly gained a huge fan base. His recent video titled Youtube vs Tik Tok: The End broke all records on youtube. However, it was later taken down by Youtube on the account of cyber harassment. Though it did not stop Carry from making another viral video or preferably said a rap song titled ‘Yalgaar’. This song yet again is on the verge of breaking records. “Which record,” you ask?

Yalgaar to break Rap God’s record!

Rap God is among the top viewed videos on Youtube with more than 1 billion views over a span of 7 years. The song was uploaded in November 2013 and still gets an addition in the views each day. One might argue that the controversy with the song has also played a vital role in its popularity. Thus, it is one of the top rap videos to have over 1 billion views.

In the same way, in just two weeks CarryMinati’s ‘Yalgaar’ has crossed the 110 million tag. Moreover, it can still be seen in the recent trending list on Youtube. We presume that the song will soon cross the billion views tag and along with it RapGod’s record too.

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Another reason to believe that is the controversy with it. To be precise, the video is actually a reply from ‘Carry’ on the action of his other video being taken down from the platform due to some allegations that he thinks are exaggerated. We all know that Indians love to talk about controversies. If they did not then we would not be talking about the video right now. Hence it is safe to say that we will soon see Yalgaar with more views than RapGod. Although the language does pose a hindrance, however, that can be taken care of by our vast population.

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