AYU Official : If we speak about Youtube channel for vlogging in India, we think of Mumbiker Nikhil, who is one of the best vlogger in India. Apart from Nikhil, we have MSK aka Mohammad Salim Khan, who has created his own identity with his vlogging style.

MSK was inspired by Mumbiker Nikhil and started his vlogging jouney on Youtube, as the days passed on, MSK got got his own style of volgging which made him popular in India.

Today, MSK is one of the best vlogger in India. He has been making a lot videos but not even once his video came into Trending List of Youtube. But he never gave up.

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Yesterday, one of his video came up into trending list and he was very much happy and suprise to it. It was trending on 12 in the list on Youtube.

Check out the below video :

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