AYU Official : Not long ago, Twitter accounts of some of the most prominent people including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Gates were hacked. All these accounts tweeted out a similar bitcoin message asking people to donate through a particular URL.

Now, one of the most famous Indian YouTuber Carryminati aka Ajey Nagar is going through the same ordeal. His YouTube channel Carryislive was hacked during the early hours of Saturday. He took to Twitter to ask for assistance from YouTube.

Nagar tweeted, “@YouTubeIndia My channel Carryislive has been hacked, need immediate assistance (sic).”

Twitter account of YouTube India was also quick to respond and they left a comment that read, “We’re really sorry this happened. Mind following us so we can continue with next steps over DM (sic)?”

Similar to the Twitter hack, Carryminati’s YouTube account also asked his fans to donate bitcoin through a particular URL.

The hacker changed the description of the YouTube video and details related to the accounts for donation and bitcoin popped up instead.

Carryislive is Ajey Nagar’s second YouTube account on which he only posts gaming videos. This did not go unnoticed by his fans and #Carryminati started trending on Twitter.

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