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AYU Official : Dr Disrespect & ‘Binod’ meme: The popular ‘Binod’ meme, rounds on social media, found its way into Dr Disrespect’s YouTube live stream channel. Many viewers of his stream were constantly spamming it in his live-stream chat.

Dr Disrespect recently started live-streaming his games on YouTube. Prior to this, he had a contract with the live-streaming platform Twitch. However, recently, Twitch nullified his contract and banned him for life from the platform. The Doc gave a statement saying he was not told why the ban was enforced.

What is ‘Binod’ meme?

The ‘Binod’ meme emerged when Slayy Point, a YouTube channel shared a video in which hosts roasted irrelevant comments on videos. It is during this they came across one of their subscribers, Binod Tharu, who just left the comment, ‘Binod’ on videos. This comment, which is completely irrelevant became amusement to the Indian twitter audience and has since been trending on social media.

What is surprising is that a meme that originated in India has found its way to a world-famous streamer’s YouTube channel. Indian fans suddenly started spamming the word ‘Binod’ in Dr Disrepect’s live-stream chat. Soon, the streamer caught on to the spam and he reacted hilariously.

Dr Disrespect’s YouTube live stream

After Dr Disrepect was banned from Twitch for an unknown reason, he stated that he will be live streaming on YouTube. Twitch has not yet stated why they have banned the internet sensation. In his debut YouTube stream, he captured almost 5 lakh, concurrent viewers. He currently has 2.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Last night, he live-streamed playing Rogue Company. Check out this boasting tweet he posted after his game

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