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AYU Official : Pakistani YouTuber Saad-ur-Rehman who is commonly known as Ducky Bhai is in the spotlight once again. However, this time the social media personality is targeted directly by Pakistani audience and that too for his own falseness. 

Recently, on the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day, the renowned Youtuber Ducky Bhai lashed out at a common twitter user, educating her on patriotism. Nevertheless, the debate that was ignited by the streamer himself has taken him in deep water.

One of the twitter users unveiled that Saad ur Rehman’s YouTube channel titled ‘Ducky Bhai’ that has almost 2 million Pakistani subscribers and is considered as top-notch ‘Pakistani blogging channel’ is indeed registered from the rival country India.

Ducky Bhai, Saad ur Rehman

Hence, the previous preacher of patriotism and nationalism was accused of hypocrisy and faced huge criticism.

Ducky Bhai responds to Youtube channel controversy

It seems as if Saad AKA Ducky Bhai couldn’t tolerate pointed fingers and aspersions as he made his comeback with a logical explanation, silencing all the opponents.

When panned by the twitter users for being a plaster saint, Ducky Bhai responded with, “Another thing that’s circulating that my Channel country shows India. It’s not my fault if you never made a YouTube channel so let me educate you. There is no Super chat and membership feature in Pakistan. So you need to change the location to the eligible county.”

“I am a gamer/live streamer and i want my live streams to properly work. I’ll change the location to USA or UK if you want but can’t change to Pakistan because of no live streams features. Just like you need to change your Facebook page location to enable your monetization.” – He continued.

Additionally, it is to be mentioned that another of the celebrated Pakistani Youtubers, Irfan Junejo also has his channel registered from foreign country USA, on account of same reasons mentioned by Ducky Bhai.

Furthermore, Saad’s tweets convinced a huge majority of his fans, whereas some users opposed him, suggesting he could’ve selected any other country rather than India.

Looks like Ducky Bhai is loaded with answers to all propounds thrown towards him, as he replied to this hate speech with, “It’s because sometimes your channels gets hacked or some other problems occus they can assign me with Hindi/Urdu speaking person for better conversation.”

How it all started

Every citizen has own way of expressing affection to their sacred motherland, precisely on the Independence Day. So did Maryam Aftab [Maryamful on twitter.]

Maryam posted a picture on twitter with her dog, wishing Pakistan’s 73rd Birthday to her followers. Her dog had a Pakistani flag wrapped around its neck. No one had mentioned it until famous Pakistani Youtuber and roaster Saad ur Rehman known as Ducky Bhai.

Saad slammed Maryam with his offensive tweet, using extremely abusive language that is his signature, as he thought she was disrespecting the country by tying Pakistani flag around her dog’s neck. His tweet triggered outburst on social media, with tons of users criticizing poor Maryam for her gesture.

Ducky Bhai, #Duckybhai, Pakistani flag, pakistan flag, pakistani flag dog
Ducky Bhai slamming the girl in a Twitter post that has since been removed.

Nevertheless, there was a vast majority of people, who defended Maryam, calling her actions fair and acceptable.

Although Maryam had a population of twitter users supporting her, she took a mature step and deleted her previous post with an apology note. Maryam tweeted,

Following Maryam’s tweet, Ducky Bhai also deleted his unmannerly and insulting tweet that he fired at Maryam earlier and made a new tweet saying, “I also wanna apologize for using bad words but I was just criticizing. Maybe wasnt a correct way but glad you understood. I’m also removing my previous tweet. Not because i want to take my words back. It’s because she apologized and dont want people to fight under anybody’s tweet.”

The whole debate, that was thought to be over, became worse when Maryam started receiving death and rape threats from extremist citizens. Maryam wrote, “Many of you seemed to have a problem with me saying I can’t wait to move out but I’m receiving countless messages like these even after taking it down and apologizing. When influencers incite hostile threats and petty smear campaigns, you can only predict what the masses follow.” She also shared a message video, justifying her statement.

Maryam’s tweet directed a new wave of allegations towards the infamous Ducky Bhai as he faced huge condemnations by the audience. Also, the most popular Vlogger Irfan Junejo stepped into the matter as he ‘announced dissociation from his former friend Ducky Bhai for his troublesome language and promotion of problematic things.’

During this whole ‘Flag on the dog’ controversy, some twitter user mentioned how fake Ducky Bhai was as his own Youtube channel was located from India. This welcomed the above mentioned Youtube channel dispute for Ducky Bhai.

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