AYU Official : The new YouTube sensation YouTuber, Comedian and Rapper, Carryminati hits 25 Million subscribers on YouTube today. He is the 1nd Indian Individual YouTube creator to achieve this big milestone.


He is the fastest Indian YouTuber to reach 25M subscribers from 10M subscribers. We don’t have the global stats but from our years of observation we ‘think’ he is also the world fastest. He completed 10M subscribers on 26th February and today he completes 25M subscribers.

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Ajey Nagar a.k.a. Carryminati has seen mostly everything in this past month. His YouTube vs Tiktok video was on the verge of becoming “the most liked non-music video on YouTube“. He was just 2M likes behind Mr. Beast’s video. He had surpassed BB Ki VinesAshish Chanchlani VinesTechnical Guruji and Sandeep Maheshwari in the past 1 month in subscribers count.

After his YouTube vs Tiktok video got deleted, he went through a very dark time. Then one fine day, he came up with a big announcement which brought a ray of happiness for the fans. He announced a new video Yulgaar which will address all the controversies in his old roasting style.

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