I Work With Brands That Understand Me And Allow Me The Creative Call : BeYouNick

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Nikunj Lotial (BeYouNick) shares how he stays relevant to his audience and what generates revenue for influencers

Nikunj Lotial (BeYouNick) has over 900k followers on Instagram and over 3.35M subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is known for his famous comedy sketches on his YouTube channel – BeYouNick. His approach towards brand endorsements is done creatively without making it seem too promotional. But he tends to integrate the brand endorsement with a creative twist keeping in mind that it needs to generate an impact for the product or service. In 2018, he was even part of the BEARDO69 campaign, where he has promoted the brand with a T-shirt in his video, ‘Indian Savage Life’.

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Influencers connect with the millennial consumer, which results in a call to action. Millennial consumers would rather trust an influencer than a traditional ad film approach. If brands pick an influencer who co-relates to the beat that the influencer stands for, the brand will be able to generate more impact. 


We spoke to Nikunj Lotial (Be You Nick) about his content and what fuels revenue for Influencers at an event in Mumbai.

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How does an Influencer ensure that they keep their content relevant to their audience?
I go with my heart and create content that I love. That’s how I stay relevant. 

Trends that shape the Influencer Marketer space?
I try to generate a trend that has never been done before and that’s how I stay unique.

What fuels revenue for influencers?
At the moment, it is brand endorsements. However, I’m waiting for the day we don’t have to rely on endorsements alone and can generate revenue from the content we put up. I like working with brands that let me take the creative call.

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