BeYouNick Vlog : 5 Reasons to start following

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Nikunj Lotia is in the limelight with another YouTube channel, Be YouNick Vlogs. Here are the 5 reasons why you need to start following it ASAP


Nikunj Lotia is one of the most popular YouTubers in India, famous for his channel Be YouNick. He was the only creator to represent India at the world’s largest ground event for digital creators, fans, and brands alike, VidCon US, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with popular digital names from all over the world.

Be YouNick started his career by uploading short videos on YouTube and has risen to fame now with millions of subscribers and 5+ millions of viewers. He has come out with another vlog channel recently, called BeYouNick Vlogs. The new channel has gained 70+k subscribers in a very short time and has been viewed by 200K+ audience on YouTube.

5 Reasons :

1. Passion for Making Videos

Since his teenage, Nick was very much addicted towards making videos and after successfully working with his main channel BeYouNick, now he is moving his same passion towards vlogging.

2. Honestly.

He is very honest in all of his videos, no over-acting, no dramas and not scripted.

3. Sense Of Humour.

Nick has proven that he has got a great sense of humour with his all the videos and the same thing is continued with his vlogging channel too.

4. Presentation.

Great work behind the camera, professionally edit, good sound and video quality also matters while watching any video.

5. Content.

Nick is the “King Of Content”. He never disappoints with his video to his audience. He has always got some TWIST and TURNS always at the end.

Have a look at his recent videos and I feel you shouldn’t be late to follow his new channel before his new vlogs go viral.

1. Monaco in Monaco is his first vlog where he is on vacation in Monaco, Europe.

2. Influencer Awards Monaco

3. Mumbai Pune Mumbai

4. Happy birthday to me

All of these videos are full of humour and will make you roll on the floor with laughter.

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