‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’, Indian YouTuber Anisha Meets Barack Obama : AYU OFFICIAL

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Popularly known as ‘Rickshawali’ (rickshaw puller) Youtuber Anisha Dixit usually makes fun videos and Vlogs with a focus on girl-centric comedy. She usually discusses controversial topics like sex, women’s struggles and relationships. Her Youtube channel has over 2 million subscribers.

Anisha Dixit with Barack Obama
Anisha Dixit with Barack Obama

Indian YouTuber Anisha Dixit, who is popularly known as Rickshawali, recently met former American President Barack Obama in Singapore.

She was part of a panel discussion and Meet and Greet session with Obama.

According to Anisha Dixit, meeting Obama “in person was an opportunity of a lifetime”.

“The moment I saw him I told him that I love him and Michelle Obama and thanked him for being the light and hope for millions of people.”

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She described the conversation with him as “inspiring”, “powerful” and “life-changing”.

Obama said 2 important things :

  1. “If we only gave 2 years in letting women lead countries/companies or any organization, he beliefs there will be lesser wars and more nurturing!”
  2. “Change will only come, if we give new and younger leaders a chance to make a difference, that is how chance will come about!”.

In reply to this, Anisha said on her instagram “I truly agree with him and will continue and try to fight for a voice for women”

“Thank you so much Youtube India and Google India for giving me this golden opportunity to meet him in person and be part of the event ‘In Conversation with President Barack Obama!’.

“YouTube is a great platform to talk about women empowerment, which is something I strongly believe and have actively been fighting for since the past six years. To talk about it with an influential person like Mr. Barack Obama is a deal of great honour,” Anisha Dixit added.

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Disclaimer :- This story has not been edited by AYU staff and is auto-generated from news agency feeds. Source: IANS

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