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AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Anisha Dixit, popularly known as Rickshawali, is a YouTube personality, vlogger and comedian. She mainly focuses on girl-centric comedy.

Anisha Dixit Videos
Anisha Dixit Videos

The famous YouTuber usually makes videos on relationships, sex, struggles faced by women and many more. Her YouTube channel has gained millions of subscribers and viewers whom she calls ‘ricksters’. She is also seen active on her Instagram, posting pictures and videos, where she has garnered 276K followers.

Have a look at her famous videos that are viral on the internet.

1. Americans Try Hajmola For The First Time.
This video has won millions of hearts and Anisha was also once known as Hajmola girl for making foreigners from Japan, America and Switzerland try Hajmola.

2. When Maggi Is Life
This is her most loved and probably craziest video on expressing her love for Maggi and the things Maggi lovers do.

3. Sanskari Girls Vs. Modern Girls.
In this video, Rickshawali has made a comedy by showing the difference between traditional girls and modern girls.

How much Bhuvan Bam earns????

4. Mom Vs. Daughter
This video is for all the lovely daughters who try to be like their moms.

5. Mumbai Vs Delhi
This video is for all the Mumbai OR Delhi fans (both can’t be same at once, though)

Let us know which you like the most in the comments section below!

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