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AYU Official (Indian Youtube Communtiy) : There are several YouTubers who post good content from time to time. But one of them who really draws our attention to his work is Carryminati.

In the year 2014, a Youtuber named Ajey Nagar started his own channel to show off his skills at video games like Counter Strike and few others. The channel got really famous among teenagers but he later started a channel and named it Carryminati to post newer and a different kind of content.

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It is the style of Carryminati that makes him stand out from the rest. The digital star chooses the method of roasting in order to get his point through to people. This makes it fun to watch as well as at times enlightening.

The content he posts is extremely funny mainly due to his tone and reactions to the videos he reacts to. He has reacted to controversial material like Swami Om and the PPAP video which none of us have healed from the trauma of yet and still managed to maintain the same standard of humor.

The star also deserves credit for breaking language barriers. There are many YouTubers who post similar content across the globe but it turns out to be an issue to a portion of the Indian population as some aren’t fluent with the English language.

But when Carryminati posts content in Hindi it solves that issue as all fans and followers across the country are well versed with the language.

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We hope to see Carryminati prospering in the digital world and soaring to greater heights. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebs.

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