Why Riya Mavi Left Team Amit Bhadana : Big Secrets Revealed || AYU OFFICIAL

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community): If you are a big fan of Amit Bhadana and have watched his YouTube videos, you have come across this beautiful girl featured in his video. You have come across the right article that will let you know about the beautiful girl and why she has left Team Amit Bhadana.

Riya Mavi Breaks Amit Bhadana
Riya Mavi Breaks Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is a popular Indian YouTuber who also lives in New Delhi. Amit makes funny Indian vines in his native language & uploads in his YouTube channel & has over 15+ million subscribers.

Who is Riya Mavi?

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Riya Mavi

The girl featured in his YouTube video is Riya Mavi. Riya Mavi is a social media influencer and blogger known for posting fashion, lifestyle photos & blogs. Riya became popular after collaborating with the famous YouTube star Amit Bhadana in 2017. Riya is mostly seen in Amit Bhadana’s YouTube videos as a co-artist.

Why Riya Left Team Amit Bhadana?

Recently, Riya Mavi uploaded a “Q and A” video along with Kirti Mehra. In this video, she has answered almost all the dark secrets about her, related to her works and her youtube journey.

“Why did you left Team Amit Bhadana??”

This was the most important repeated asked question by many, which each and every one was waiting for the answer and finally, we have got the main 3 reason for it.

3 Reasons Why Riya Left Team Amit Bhadana?

1. Respect.

According to Riya, she was not involved in any meeting or any team event. Last event in which she was invited along with the team was in IIT-Delhi, 2 years ago. She was feeling like “Work Under Pressure”. No doubt, Riya got name and fame through Team Amit Bhadana, but working under pressure is not a good choice.

2. Individual Growth.

Riya has been working with this channel since the beginning and she has given her full support from 0 to 15 Million, but she didn’t get the same support in revert. She has worked for almost 1 and a half years without a single payment. All her expenses like Dress, Transportation, Makeup for the video, Riya has managed of her own.

3. Financial Growth

Despite, of her job and busy schedule, she was going for the shoot and sometimes this shoot would take 4-5 days to complete, but also she never complained about anything to anybody.

After working for almost 1 and a half years, she finally gets her 1st payment of 5000 Rs for a month. Personally, working for the Number 1 channel of India and getting so little payment, it feels bad. No doubt, money never matters but money plays a major role in today’s life.

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These were the 3 main reasons Why Riya Left Team Amit Bhadana.

Time Stand : 1:30 . Check this question and answer at 1:30 in this video.

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