From YouTube to Movies: The story of Harsh Beniwal

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : YouTube sensation Harsh Beniwal makes his Bollywood debut in Student of the Year 2 and he his story is the one that inspire us a lot!

harsh beniwal
Harsh Beniwal

The 22-year-old Delhi YouTuber was more than elated when he got the casting call for SOTY and says that even though he is an industry outsider and has heard that for them to enter Bollywood is tough, and yet here he is! Tiger Shroff’s friend, a naught Punjabi high-school student, is the character he is portraying in the movie and we are all too excited to see our favorite YouTuber on the big screen.

From YouTube to Movies: The story of Harsh Beniwal 1

Harsh claim to fame is his videos on Dubsmash that went viral in 2015 and he racked up over 10k followers on his Instagram in just one night. Harsh then explained to his parents that he wanted to be a content creator and to his delight they were totally supportive.

His one minute video on ‘Fights in different regions of India’ was the first to touch a million views and his YouTube channel now has over 5 million subscribers. This amazing YouTuber’s videos have crossed over 41 crore views and fan following was bound to increase! Most of his content revolves around the topics of college humour and day-to-day life, and he find his videos all to relatable and lovable.

The casting team of Student of the Year 2 approached Harsh but it was so unbelievable to him that he almost thought someone is playing a prank but after he gave the auditions, the part was his! Imagine his excitement when he realized it wasn’t just real but he had also cleared the audition and bagged the role.

Movie in 2020???

Someone went on to ask Harsh Beniwal regarding any new movie project in 2020 on his recent photo on instagram..

And Guess What?? Harsh gave a Surprising Reply... Check Out Below!!!

Hopefully, we can see Harsh Beniwal in 2020 in a movie very soon!!!

The story of Harsh Beniwal, from YouTube to Movies is an exciting but more importantly an inspiring one as well. If you stick to what you love doing the most then success is sure to follow and soon!

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