Taking Youtube in a Swagger Way : Swagger Sharma

AYU OFFICIAL (Indian Youtube Community) : In the past few year YouTube rapidly emerging as a good platform for The talented actor musicians and so many different professionals.

swagger sharma
Swagger Sharma

As per YouTube recent data the number of creator having 1 million subscriber is increased by 75 times in past 4 year. Time to time many YouTuber accept in their interviews that YouTube attracting creators due to its simple processing and low cost production requirement. A number of creator started his channel with no cost and today they have made their own community. 

Today we are going to talk about Shivam Sharma a very talented YouTube creator who is making his name by using the platform of YouTube i.e. Swagger Sharma.  

Swagger started his journey with simple mobile camera and now he has surprised everyone by creating an amazing web series called ‘Meri IIT Wali Girlfriend’ with the total budget of 18 to 20 lakh according to many viewers it is the best video Series by any individual YouTube creator till date.

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Series Directed by Dishant Verma DoP by Nitin Goyal  and featuring Rinni Sharma, Daksh Saini,  Bhupendra Singh, Rajesh Kumar and Akash. 

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The series is also getting appreciation for it’s original song ‘Dilhara‘ which is written by Prashant Pandey and sung by Rishabh Ranjan. During an interview with local news channel Swagger says he never expected what he is today he generally learn filmmaking by YouTube and started a small YouTube channel ‘swagger Sharma’ he always focus on presenting a unique content that people can relate themselves with and enjoy it. 

In his three year YouTube journey swagger created a number of hit videos as ‘Sharing cab with your ex’, ‘Sharing flat with your ex’, ‘Sharing Hijacked bus with your ex’ and many more.      With their dedication and hard work swagger Sharma has created a family of 2.2 million subscribers, hope he will touch the milestone of 5 million in year 2020.     

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