PUBG Mobile: Mortal accepts CarryMinati’s challenge

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : CarryMinati, who is famous for his entertaining videos and game live streams on YouTube, had challenged PUBG Mobile star ‘Soul Mortal’ for a 1v1 duel two days ago.

carryminati vs mortal
carryminati vs mortal

Mortal has now accepted his challenge in a video uploaded on his own YouTube channel. The video contains footage of Mortal’s achievements in the 2019 PUBG Mobile Club Open and parts of Minati’s original challenge video.

Mortal is a great PUBG Mobile player and it is difficult to see him losing this challenge. He has played at a professional level and has the upper hand in the game. Meanwhile, Minati had lost badly in their last encounter and is looking forward to putting everything in his power to defeat Mortal and earn his respect back.

Although the challenge seems very heated in the videos, the real intention of the content creators is to have fun. The dramatic challenge videos will help to hype fans of both YouTubers to watch the match, which will take place on March 16, 2020.

Minati and Mortal are young YouTubers who have gained a lot of fame in a short amount of time. Their work and efforts on the platform are phenomenal and have helped keep the PUBG Mobile scene alive in India.

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