Mumbiker Nikhil vs Dank Rishu Controversy – Who is Right???

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Mumbiker Nikhil is one of the re-known name in the Youtube Indian Community especially for the Vlogging section. Recently, Nikhil has been into many controversy with creators like PapaOcus, with his very good friend UIC and now Dank Rishu.

Mumbiker Nikhil vs Dank Rishu Controversy
Mumbiker Nikhil vs Dank Rishu Controversy

UIC claim that “Label MN” Brand started by Mumbiker Nikhil, sells out duplicate products and copying the design from the online with giving proper credit to the designers.

Nikhil haven’t given a direct response to any one of them. But he has communicated his answer through some of his video indirectly or through instagram story. Moreover, Nikhil tries to focus his time into work, rather than some bullshit controversy.

Mumbiker Nikhil vs Dank Rishu Controversy
Mumbiker Nikhil vs Dank Rishu Controversy

Recently, Nikhil uploaded 2 videos, “Empty Streets of Mumbai” and “Someone Faked my death”, where we can see Nikhil going out into the streets during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reacting to his video, Dank Rishu exposed Mumbiker Nikhil with the title “Mumbiker Nikhil Bahar Mat Nikal”. Here, Dank Rishu took on Nikhil to expose him with the proof.

According to Dank, We can see Nikhil shooting the streets on the mumbai in the car and the refection on the window of the car, shows the proof that its Nikhil (Check the video below : Video Starts from 6:10 )

But according to Nikhil’s video, he had given his camera to some of his friend and asked them to shoot the video.

This controversy was rising day by day, and it was defaming Nikhil, so finally Nikhil took to react on this dream and shared his views on Instagram through stories.

He says “Nobody cares about hungry poor people right now instead these guys cares whether or not Nikhil stepped outside.”

“This ain’t the first time that videos are made against me and there only motive is to provoke me for a response,” continued Nikhil. At a time like this where I’m trying to entertain my audiences, these guys are always ready to pinpoint my mistakes, said Nikhil.

How much Neuzboy earns??

Nikhil subtly kept his point through videos on his Instagram handle. There is no reply from Dank Rishu yet. Stay Tuned.

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