“What is RasbhariChai” – An Initiative Launched By Flying Beast to give back to Society

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Gaurav Taneja, popularly known as Flying Beast (His Youtube Channel Name), is a Pilot by profession, a gym trainer by passion, a respectful son to his parents, a good husband to his wife Ritu Taneja (who is also a Pilot) and a Cool father to her 2 year old daughter Rasbhari.

Gaurav Taneja - "Rasbhari Chai"
Gaurav Taneja – “Rasbhari Chai”

Gaurav Taneja is popular known for his interesting vlog in which he shares his experience about his travel, his life and lot more. And more specifically, these video are completely raw and real. No added dramas, no masala into it. This is only reason Gaurav Taneja is one of the most loved Vlogger in India and fastest growing youtube channel with over more than 2.5Million subscribers.

Recenlty, Gaurav and Ritu Taneja, have commenced a touching initiative ‘Rasbhari Chai’ named after their daughter to give back to society in their own way.

Parents to their 2 year old, both Gaurav & Ritu understand the kind of money that goes into educating and bringing up a kid with pay as minimal as can be for the monetarily less fortunate families.  An idea that came to them from calling fans to meet them on their recent trip to Tripura, is now warming hearts and changing lives slowly but most certainly.

Gaurav & Ritu visited Tripura on an invitation by the Hon’ CM of the Tripura Mr. Biplab Kumar Deb to promote tourism and discuss other key subjects their passionate about. Finding themselves in the perfect opportunity, the couple decided to launch their brain child ‘#RasbhariChai’ amidst fans and followers in Tripura.

How Gaurav Taneja Become FLYING BEAST?

With a notice of less than 15 hours, almost a 1000 people turned up to support a cause they’d never heard of.

What is Rasbhari Chai?

The idea of Rasbhari Chai is to invite people to buy tea for a minimum of Rs 20, which could go up to any amount the person wishes to pay for it in exchange for a picture (selfie) with Gaurav and Ritu. The amount raised will go straight to the tea vendor’s family as a fixed deposit amount in the name of the girl child of the family.

To kickstart the cause, Gaurav and Ritu asked their social media followers to show up at a venue in Tripura and were able to raise a good amount within 4 hours of taking pictures and selling tea just to help out the man who sells happiness in a cup every single day. They multiplied the amount and gave a total of Rs. 51,000/-for his daughter’s welfare. The man was left in tears and failed to express how he truly felt.

Speaking on why #RashbhariChai Ritu said, “We always wanted to give back to the society in our own way. Since Gaurav is a chai lover, a fact popularly known by his fans, we wanted to help the men who make and sell chai on a daily basis. With the support of Honorable CM of Tripura, we launched the initiative amidst all our lovely fans. Our plan is to undertake this across the country and help many more ‘chaiwala’ who so tirelessly make our days better with their chai”.

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