Mr Beast Hosting $250,000 Rock Paper Scissors Tournament for COVID-19

AYU Official (Indian Youtube Community) : Few days back, Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) announced “The Creator Games” a new charity stream with YouTube originals to raise funds for Covid-19. The Creator Games brings together the biggest YouTuber and influencers together to compete in a rock-paper-scissor at-home tournament for a cash prize of $250,000, which they will donate to their choice of charity.

mr beast covid 19

Amassing millions of followers with his unbelievable giveaways and endlessly inventive video ideas, popular YouTuber Mr Beasthas grown into one of the biggest channels on the platform in a short amount of time due to his constantly innovative content. From offering his friends thousands of dollars to see who can last the longest time on a constantly looping roller coaster to tipping a pizza delivery man an entire house, Mr Beast’s ideas have made him a modern legend on Youtube, however, it seems his newest concept might be one of his best yet.

Announced in a tweet a few days ago, Mr Beast has decided to host a Rock Paper Scissors contest with others popular figures on the platform, with the YouTuber offering $250,000 to a charity of the winner’s choosing. To make matters even more interesting, the event took place on, April 25, at 3PM PST (6PM EST / 11PM GMT).

Nadeshot Takes Home The Big Prize

Nadeshot opened up about how he and CouRage have been trying their best to raise funds for COVID-19 victims. Jack Dunlop lost his grandmother recently, and their family was devastated because of it. It is beautiful to see that even during these hardships, they are still trying to contribute to society. 

Matthew Hagg, better known as Nadeshot, participated in the live online competition hosted by Mr.Beast. The Creator Games was a three-hour charity event of rock, paper, scissors. Several celebrities took part in it as well.

Nadeshot acquired $250,000 in the last game of rock, paper, scissors, which he decided to give it to a charity. He decided to give it to the CDC Foundation for the COVID-19 victims. Nadeshot beat Casey Neistat in the last round to win it all.

The entire event raised over $1,000,000, all of which will be donated to charities and WHO. Although Tfue made a grand blunder by leaking the platform info used to host the event. He immediately understood his mistake and tried to make it right.

The matches happened on the live-stream where people faced each other in a pure rock, paper, scissor battle to progress to the next round. It was hilarious to see how such a small game can transform into a medium that helps the world.

Big names like KSI, MatPat, Mark Rober, David Dobrik, Yes Theory, everyone seemed to come together. While this showed us that the world could stand united as one during the needs of the crisis.

It also made us believe in humanity again. The smallest gestures go the longest mile, and these guys are not pulling any breaks soon. At these times of crisis, all we can do is stay home and support such noble causes with our donation

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